Of Course He Released A New Song Today

by Mallory Schlossberg

It was probably on his internal registry because Kanye West released a new song today, you know, as a wedding gift to himself, Or maybe it was just a typical display of his Kanye-ness. You can almost hear it: "Today, I am getting married, so I will drop this new track." It wasn't like he was going to get himself an expensive coffee machine or new five-thousand thread count sheets. Leave those to the wedding guests! (On another note, can you imagine going to Bed, Bath and Beyond in search of a gift for Kim and Kanye? But I digress.)

The song is appropriately titled "God Level," because we all know that's the level Yeezus thinks he is on. It was put on Sound Cloud, but was pulled shortly after (Noooo!) perhaps because Kanye had a moment of, "I know I love myself more than I love Kim, but I'll pretend to love her the most today," but more likely someone gave him a slap on the wrist and said, "Man up, Kanye. Today is not about you. It's about the bride. Also, stop trying to profit economically today. You're going to be getting five-thousand thread count sheets soon!"

You can hear the track in its shortened commercial version (which, unfortunately, is way less explicit — ain't nothing like graphic poetry on a wedding day!) for the Adidas World Cup below. Try to see if you can find any hidden messages like,"HAPPY WEDDING DAY KANYE! LOVE, KANYE."