Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Wedding: 7 Party Planning Ideas We Want to Steal

From the very start, the marriage of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West has been fairly surreal. We might not have believed they were ever going to tie the knot a year ago, but yesterday Kimye proved us all wrong in a lavish ceremony in Florence. However, that is far from the more bizarre part of the biggest wedding since Kate and Wills. What is most unsettling is the seriously huge amount of details I'd be willing to siphon off Kimye for my own future wedding. Who ever thought they'd be envious of the woman who famously got a butt x-ray on television? Here are some of the best parts of Kim and Kanye's ceremony, but don't bother pinning them on your secret Pinterest wedding board or anything, they're all probably just a little teeny bit out of price range.

The Whole "Getting Married In An Italian Villa" Thing

Laura Lezza/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Some of us might be willing to settle for an open bar and loads of those awesome smoked salmon canapes, but no amount of bottomless prosecco can measure up to Forte Di Belvedere. Getting married in the beautiful Italian countryside is incredibly romantic and also assumes that your guests will be well-financed enough to make the trip. If only.

Flower Arrangements For Days

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We already knew from Kanye’s over-the-top Mother’s Day arrangement that Kim’s bouquet wouldn’t be no joke, but still. Over 100,00 dollars worth of arrangements? Yes, yes yes and yes. It’s the rare girl whose entire wedding is awash with the gentle scents of tuberose, rose and god knows what else, but I really really want to be that girl.

John Freaking Legend Singing "At Last" For The First Dance

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Let’s take a moment and imagine: You’re wearing a dress that costs more than a one bedroom apartment in Williamsburg. You’ve walked down the aisle in the literal palace you’ve chosen as your venue, and then John Legend gets up to sing the most famous Etta James song ever, just for you and your new hubby. All of a sudden my own dreams of dancing to Louis Armstrong’s “La Vie En Rose” seem somewhat paltry in comparison.

Followed By Andrea Freaking Bocelli ALSO Serenading You And Your Guests

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The mean part of me wonders who between Kim and Kanye is enough of an opera lover to justify this, but that’s probably just the deeply rooted jealousy talking.

The Endless Parade of Celebrity Guests

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Although the thought of having to run interference between Chrissy Teigen and your tipsy mother-in-law sounds less than ideal, just think of the possibilities. Imagine inviting Beyonce to your wedding, and her actually considering attending. Whoa.

So Many Different Dresses

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This hasn’t been confirmed officially (hell, we’ve still only had glimpses of the dress Kim walked down the aisle in) but you have to imagine that between Kim and Kanye, there’s going to be a whole lot of couture bridal fashion. Why settle for just one impractical and expensive item of clothing when you could have FIVE?

And An Endless Party

As of now, the party has been going for over twenty four hours. That’s an entire day of wedding. Or a festival of wedding. Can you even imagine how many bottles of champagne that kind of endurance celebrating requires? More than our little minds can concieve of, certainly.

Image Credit: kimkardashian/Instagram