Lil Terio's "Oooh Killem" Music Video Proves Why He's the Coolest 1st Grader on Vine

Our prayers have finally been answered: Vine star (and first grader)r Lil TeRio has released a high-def music video for his new single "Oooh Killem" featuring Polo, KayLuv and Kidd Willie, and it is AH-mazing. Lil TeRio quickly became an internet celebrity when his dance moves made it onto Vine, and his signature catchphrase, "Oooh killem" even came up in Meek Mill's "Control" freestyle. Now, TeRio's music career looks like it's taking off: DJ Khaled is apparently looking to sign a record deal with TeRio, who's one of several producers interested in working him, including Interscope Records. The FIRST GRADER is currently working on his debut album I Was Just Thinking, featuring Jeezy, DJ Khaled, Migos and Soulja Boy. He's also been making nightclub appearances AND selling merchandise.

It seems a little sketchy to have a SIX YEAR OLD thrown into internet fame and suddenly have to deal with stuff like, I don't know, a RECORD DEAL, but the dude seems like he's enjoying himself. A rep for TeRio says, "The kid is 6-years old, he doesn't know what is going on. But he does like rapping. And these ideas for the Vines, these creative ideas, that's all him." Terio says, “This Is crazy to have my first Music Video but in Kevin Hart Voice Oooh Killem.”

Lil TeRio doesn't actually rap or even say anything in the video, because he really doesn't need to. We will watch pretty much anything with TeRio in the center of the shot, just being TeRio and doing TeRio stuff.


Yeah. Meet your new FAVORITE CHILD EVER.

Check out Lil TeRio's new video for "Oooh Killem" here:

LilTerRioVEVO on YouTube

Images: Twitter/ @OfficialTeRio, Buzzfeed