Nick Sutter Is 'The Bachelorette's Own Pro-Golfer... And Instagram Amateur

Now that I (and the rest of America) have obviously fallen in love with new Bachelorette Andi Dorfman, I've understandably taken on a motherly role toward her. She's a sweetheart and a go-getter with a kick ass career, and homegirl deserves the best. And now that she's faced with choosing a potential life mate, I want to make sure that whoever she picks is the right guy who will make her happy. In other words: You want to get to Andi, boys? You'll need to go through me first. Just imagine me as a burly father figure waiting at the front door of the Bachelorette house with a shotgun. Or like Cher's dad in Clueless .

We've already examined contestants Nick Viall and Josh Murray, and now, it's time to find out what Nick Sutter's real intentions are with our Bachelorette. He doesn't seem like too much trouble — I mean, he drove up to meet Andi in a golf cart instead of the traditional limo. You know, because he's a pro-golfer.

And speaking of Nick's golf career, he's pretty proud of it. His Instagram is mostly made of golf pics and high-contrast putting green shots... along with an oh-so-inspirational bio reading, "Love, love with every ounce you have." Let's hope he brings this philosophy to The Bachelorette, because once Andi's having that meltdown ABC alluded to, she'll need all the love she can get, should Nick stick around that long. His Twitter tells us that family is very important to him, and he seems like a pretty solid guy... even if he has no idea how to choose the correct filter when posting photos to social media.

Bad Instagram skills aside, I kinda love the way he describes how marriage should really be. "A teammate and best friend for life," Nick told ABC. "Someone who through good and bad loves you unconditionally for who you are. Someone who won't give up on you. It's a commitment." Okay, I like you. Maybe.

But back to the golf. According to The Golf Channel, Nick — who actually played college soccer in his home state at Indiana University — has played golf in several different tournaments, including the 2010 National Championship. Not bad, man. And because playing golf isn't enough, he also models golf apparel for clothing brand 18 Greens. And he doesn't look half bad doing it, either.

Everything considered, you seem like an acceptable date, Nick. Have fun hanging out with our girl solo... but not too much fun. And have Andi home by midnight, or she's grounded!

Will Nick be a hole in one, or will he give us a reason to Google more bad golf metaphors that have to do with losing a golf tournament?

Images: ABC