11 Weirdest 'Bachelorette' Limo Greetings

The limo greeting portion of The Bachelorette is one of the most important parts of the opening night. It's when the contestants first meet Bachelorette Andi, the woman whose heart they're vying for, and it's our first chance to really meet the men. It's also the perfect opportunity to sort the crazy people from those who are there for the right reasons. Everyone wants to be remembered, some just take things a little further than necessary. In years past we've seen some pretty crazy stunts on the Bachelorette, from the inclusion of a pet/child/grandma to win sympathy, to the over-the-top costumes (knight in shining armor, fake pregnancy, etc.). We've also seen epic entrances from riding in on a horse to landing in a helicopter. So how did Andi's season measure up? Well drama-fans fear not, she had her fair share of wacky dudes and interesting first impressions. Here are the 11 weirdest first impressions.

TASOS is Locked Up

You know the bridge in Paris where couples make wishes and place locks on a fence? Wedding planner Tasos decided to bring that Parisian romance to L.A. and together with Andi they hooked a lock around a random part of the mansion exterior and threw the key into the fountain. She thought it was adorable. People on Twitter thought it was cheesy. Good thing Tasos isn't trying to win the Internet's heart.

CODY The Handyman

This personal trainer decided to show off his guns by pushing his limo up to the mansion, joking that even a car breakdown couldn't keep him from Andi. She hilariously fired back saying, "I'm a little nervous you're a personal trainer and you're out of breath." I can already tell this season is going to be golden.

CRAIG's Champagne Explosion

Starting things off with a bang Craig decided to spray champagne all over the driveway to toast Andi and then told her he'd like to toast her inside again as well. I hope he knows how much her dress probably cost and keeps from spraying her glittery gown.

NICK S.'s Sweet Ride

As a professional golfer, Nick rolled up in a golf cart, of course. He honked the horn and called out "How are you, love?" when he first saw Andi. You can already tell that he thinks he's a big shot. Andi informed him that she has a good swing too though, so maybe she can keep up with his inflated ego.

PATRICK, The Anti-Juan Pablo

A professional soccer player, Patrick tossed around a soccer ball, and then clearly eager to get rid of any inevitable Juan Pablo connections he kicked the ball away and assured Andi he was nothing like the previous Bachelor aside from sharing a profession.

EMIL's Anal Tendencies

One way to ensure Andi remembers your name? Compare it to a butt. Emil wanted to make sure Andi could say his name so he let her know it's pronounced "like 'anal' but with an 'm'." Okay then. There's no erasing that from her memory. Unfortunately she now sees you as a literal asshole... so there's that.

BRETT Breaks the Law

Another way to impress an attorney is to commit a crime. In this case Brett decided to steal a lamp from his hotel and then deposit it to Andi, presumably so her fingerprints would be on it in case he gets caught. Andi seemed more concerned than flattered and made a note to the cameras that it needed to be returned ASAP.

JASON's Got a Fever

As a doctor he is qualified to diagnose people. He decided Andi had a fever because she is really hot. I could feel her cringing at the terrible joke all the way from here.

BRIAN Can't Figure Out His Tie

He asked Andi for some help adjusting his tie to which she said was "endearing," but her face said "you can't dress yourself, that is so not hot."

RUDIE Doesn't Know Attorney Humor Is a Myth

He started the night off by saying, "I'm going to go with a little bit of fun attorney humor" which would probably be a turn off to most people, but since Andi is also an attorney maybe it was a gamble worth taking. He handed her a voluntary waiver alerting her to her rights to ask him about his background etc. as she gets to know him. Cute?

CHRIS BUKOWSKI's Creeper Surprise

Surprise! This former Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad contestant showed up with a bouquet of roses demanding that he meet Andi and telling the security team that he'd been waiting for seven days to see her. She declined to meet him which was probably in her best interest as he seems a bit unstable since we last saw him on TV?

All in all it was a pretty tame limo night, nothing like the crazy antics of past years. But maybe this group of guys will make up for that with a crazily dramatic season. We'll have to keep tuning in to find out.

Images: ABC [2]; Martha Sorren