9 Homemade Pastas That Would Make any Italian Grandmother Proud

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In theory, homemade pasta sounds like a good idea. Romantic, even. You’ll put on some music, pour yourself a little wine, and — like magic — you’ll end up with beautiful, golden sheets of dough. Tortellini or lasagna, pappardelle or fettuccine — it doesn’t matter. You can do it all, and you’ll put Mario Batali to shame.

This is not usually how pasta making goes. If you’re like us, you end up elbow-deep in flour. There are strings of spaghetti drying on your chairs, your doorknobs, your clothes hangers — and if you don’t have a pasta roller, you probably tried MacGyvering it with a bottle. The good news? Homemade pasta is easier than you think, if you know which shapes to make and the tricks to get you there. So grab a rolling pin (or last night’s wine bottle) — we’re going to make our nonnas proud.

Image: Crepes of Wrath

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