'Mad Men': Ranking the Fancy Footwork of Characters Dancing

"What was that?" That was our initial reaction (and pretty much everyone else's on the Internet) to the recently deceased Bert Cooper's song-and-dance number at the end of the mid-season finale of Mad Men last night. I mean, we've come to expect some pretty crazy things on Matthew Weiner's critically acclaimed period piece drama (the lawnmower incident, anyone?) but Robert Morse as the ghost of Bertram Cooper performing a toe-tapping, bittersweet rendition of "The Best Things in Life Are Free" for Jon Hamm's Don Draper in the halls of the office was certainly not one of them. At least, not for the theory-crazed Season 7. (Though, there was more than enough of that never-subtle Mad Men symbolism to go around.)

Of course, Don's visions of the dead is nothing new (he had a post-mortem visit from Anna Draper in Season 4's classic "The Suitcase"), and neither is the concept of characters breaking out into song and dance. So, in honor of the late, great Bert Cooper's brilliant final moment in the already-infamous "Waterloo" — an unexpected, bizarre, but ultimately wonderful little musical number — we've ranked the fancy footwork of the Mad Men dancers from best to worst.

Pete and Trudy

Yeah, Pete is a turd and his marriage to Trudy was doomed (on account of him being a turd), but we'll be damned if these two didn't blow us away when they did the Charleston together, perfectly.


Who cares if it was all a drug hallucination? Ken still had some of the best dance moves (learned or otherwise) we've ever seen on Mad Men.


Not only is Joan an esteemed musician, but she's also one helluva dancer. Of course she could lead a conga line.


Alright, so maybe Bert wasn't as skilled a dancer as some of the others on this list, but his performance had some serious pizazz. And he had his own back-up dancers! Top that, Pete!


There's no question that Megan is Mad Men's sexiest dancer, especially at parties.


Of course, it's not nearly as sexy as Lane imitating her dancing at parties.


Oh, dear Peggy, we love you so. But the twist is so corny, and it pretty much seems to be the only dance move you know. Reminder: we still love you and we suggest more slow dances with Don, please!

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