'True Detective' Season 2 Details Make Possibility of a Female Lead Seem Likely

If time is a flat circle, what does that mean about the flurry of True Detective rumors that have surfaced and then been debunked in only a matter of weeks? First, our hearts fluttered when we thought Jessica Chastain might be our newest and truest, and it was all destroyed just a day later. But Nic Pizzolatto, the HBO series' writer, has finally released some concrete details about True Detective Season 2 and they are real and they are certain. Guys, we finally have something to sort of accurately speculate about. It's a big day.

First and foremost, as Pizzolatto revealed on the podcast To the Best of Our Knowledge, True Detective's second season is taking a trip across the country, from the deep, creepy south to the badlands of California.

Not Los Angeles, but some of the lesser known venues of California and we’re going to try to capture a certain psychosphere ambience of the place, much like we did with Season 1.

Psychosphere — perhaps the most exciting new word we've heard to describe a television show. There's plenty of potential to wade into the psychosis of the human mind in the parched, hallucinatory ambience of the desert wilds, and we know that Pizzolatto can warp Death Valley even further. (Maybe he should recruit St. Vincent to do the soundtrack).

But a more important development: True Detective's second installment is going to have THREE leads instead of two! So when we start speculating about casting, our guesses have to come in trios. Can any three musketeers top the chemistry of Rust Cohle and Martin Hart? (And who would make a better curmudgeon than Woody Harrelson?) I have one idea ...

Destiny's Child might not be available, but one thing is certain: we are STILL gunning for a female lead, or possibly even two female leads. Though True Detective's first season was about as impeccable as a new crime series could be, it was definitely wanting for women in major roles. Pizzolatto and director Cary Fukunaga have the opportunity to showcase some leading ladies in an atypical atmosphere. And since Elisabeth Moss is almost done with her Mad Men run as Boss Olson, she could have some free time on her hands...

Image: PerezHilton; Gurl.com