Brody Jenner Silently Slams Kardashian Clan With One Scathing Instagram — PHOTO

Brody Jenner isn't feeling the Kardashian love and he's not afraid to show it. He just posted a photo on Instagram which he captioned "Memorial Day w/ the fam" which decidedly leaves out a majority of Brody Jenner's actual family. Instead his picture contains his girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter and two of his surfer buddies Jeremy Flores and Dean Morrison. Although Jenner did admit he forgot a few members of that family and added, "the only ones missing are @sprandoni @leah_jenner and @ltindathompson" tagging his brother Brandon and his wife Leah, and his mom Linda Thompson. Still absent from his revised family list was his father, Bruce Jenner, and all his Kardashian-Jenner siblings.

This looks like a pretty deliberate Internet slam perhaps specifically intended for step-sister Kim Kardashian who allegedly failed to invite his girlfriend of seven months to the wedding of the century. But is Jenner really allowed to fault his big-sis for that? She did, after all, have to save room on the guest list for important attendees like magician David Blaine and anyone from Vogue magazine whom she could convince to fly to Italy.

But whatever the reason behind Brody Jenner's missing "plus-one," it seems he's renounced his real family in favor of his girlfriend, two friends, and a couple of Jenners who were lucky enough to make the cut.

Now we just wait to see if Kim, Kris, Bruce, Kanye or any of the slighted siblings fire back on their own social media platforms.

Oh what fun games they play.

Image: Instagram/Brody Jenner