11 Essential Stir-Fries You Should Have in Your Weeknight Arsenal

Stir-fry is everything you could ask for on a weeknight. It’s simple. It’s quick. It’ll thoughtfully leave you with leftovers for tomorrow’s work lunch. And in return, stir-fry only asks for the scraps in your fridge. Give it your tofu, your lone egg, your vegetables yearning to break free, and it’ll give you the best dinner you ever had in under half an hour. Whether you’re up for Singapore-style noodles or Italian-inspired snow peas, stir-fry will always be there for you — for those late nights, those rough times, and for every day in between.

by Lisa Siva

Curry Favor

Let’s start at the beginning with this classic fried rice from Lady and Pups. Curry powder and ground beef give the recipe some heft — but the true crown jewel is an egg yolk on top.

Lady and Pups


Meet bibimbap, the lazy girl’s stir-fry. All you need to do is cook some rice and fry your vegetables. Throw them both together, and you’ll have a perfectly respectable dinner. Thanks, Green Kitchen Stories!

Green Kitchen Stories

Pork Barrel

Think of stir-fry as your blank canvas. You already went classic with bibimbap — and now, it’s time to shake things up. Half Baked Harvest has a perfect sweet-meet-savory pork, topped off with juicy tangerine slices.

Half Baked Harvest

Portobello Road

This is not the greasy fried rice you remember from late-night takeout. How Sweet It Is gives stir-fry a healthy twist with brown rice and hearty portobello mushrooms.

How Sweet It Is

Belly Up

Oh, mama. Our friends at Crepes of Wrath whip up a beautiful, caramelized pork belly for their stir-fry. And it is nothing short of miraculous.

Crepes of Wrath

When in Rome

Stir-fry’s not just for Chinese takeout anymore. Stonesoup takes cues from Italy and adds a healthy does of pesto.


Cashew In

Give your stir-fry some crunch with a handful of cashews and bright pineapple. How Sweet It Is has the recipe.

How Sweet It Is

Singapore Sling

Rice is nice — but sometimes, you have to use your noodle. These Singapore noodles are a street food classic with a kick. Thanks, Pinch of Yum!

Pinch of Yum

Soba, So Good

Love and Lemons opts for thicker soba noodles, all dressed up in a zippy citrus sauce.

Love and Lemons

Qui Note

When it comes to stir-fry, feel free to go rogue — just about any grain will do. Damn Delicious makes her fried “rice” with quinoa and veggies.

Damn Delicious

Barley There

Pork may be a stir-fry mainstay, but Tucker changes things up with crispy pancetta. Round it all out with barley and bok choy, and you have a winner on your hands.