Well, This is a New, Smoky Side of 1D

"Won't somebody please think of the children?!" One Direction's Zayn Malik is apparently following in the pot-smoking pop star footsteps of Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber and is, you know, smoking the weed. The U.K.'s Daily Mail posted an incriminating video of the One Direction singer — wearing a Bob Marley shirt and showing off his terrible tattoo, to really drive the point home that he enjoys marijuana — smoking in the back of a van in Peru, while his bandmate Louis Tomlinson films the whole thing and says things like "Mary Jane herself." (That's the real crime here, isn't it?)

The leaked clip, which was apparently taped back in April, features the two One Direction singers declaring "So here we are, leaving Peru. Joint lit. Happy days." Yep, pretty self-explanatory, alright. While entertainers in their early 20's partaking in, uh, herbal refreshments is nothing new, or particularly shocking for that matter, it is a little disappointing...to hear how irritating it is to listen to someone while they are high. Additionally, someone who is high (or, better yet, someone who is taping someone else who is high) and keeps talking about weed in general and wondering if "the popo" riding alongside them "can smell an illegal substance in there." Oh brother.

While the guys do wonder aloud if they can film their "contraband" and whether filming said contraband will "come back to me," they go right ahead with their video which definitely won't be seen by anyone other than them, anyway.

Depending on how you already feel about 1D or their tunes ("Story of My Life" is the jam and you know it) this clip may just change how you feel about them — for better or worse. (Unless you can tolerate listening to two dudes harp on about their ganja, probably the latter.) Watch the leaked video here and decide for yourself:

Image: PerezHilton.com