Marvel Has Their Next 'Daredevil'

by Alanna Bennett

Marvel had some pretty big shakeups over the weekend, with two of its most well-regarded writers jumping ship for mysterious reasons. But Tuesday they added someone to the roster: Boardwalk Empire 's Charlie Cox was cast as Daredevil in the upcoming Netflix series of the same name. Cox is perhaps still most well-known for his starring role in the film adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Stardust, as well as his role on Boardwalk Empire. The casting was confirmed by Variety, and marks the first official casting announcement for the series.

Daredevil is one of the shows subject to big change over this past weekend over at Marvel, with showrunner Drew Goddard leaving the series and being replaced by Steven K. DeKnight. Multiple of Goddard's scripts will be used by the series as work was well underway, but it's Goddard and Ant-Man director Edgar Wright's sudden and relatively unceremonious departures that have Marvel fans worldwide wondering at what might be going on behind-the-scenes.

Still, it's nice to finally have a face to connect to Marvel's first Netflix ventures. Hopefully next will come some casting news for Jessica Jones, who will be joining Daredevil as one of Marvel's two major upcoming Netflix leads. And hell, maybe we'll eventually even get some answered about why Goddard jumped ship.