Get Caught Up With Piper & Co. Before Season 2

by Aly Semigran

Orange is the New Black is almost back! We're just ten short days away from the Season 2 premiere of OITNB , the acclaimed, popular prison dramedy on Netflix...and it can't get here quickly enough. Unless, of course, you don't have the time to re-watch the whole thing or you forgot everything that happened during Season 1. Hey, it's not your fault if that's the case. This is, after all, a show with a big cast (the bigger the ensemble, the more characters and story lines to remember) and a show that you probably binge-watched in one or two sittings, meaning a lot of it all probably blurs together. That's where the Fine Brothers come in to help catch you up to speed and remind you of everything that's happened so far on OITNB.

The Internet duo — who could give the Micro Machines Guy a run for his money in motormouth skills — cover all the major bases of Season 1 from Piper's complicated love affair with Alex (a.k.a. Donna from That 70's Show) to Miss Claudette's sad backstory, well, a whole lot else. Damn, SO MUCH happened in just 13 episodes. Make sure you pay close attention to the video, not only for the helpful reminders, but to catch all of the rapid-fire jokes and hilarious visuals thrown at your from the Fine Brothers, complete with their own OITNB-inspired prison garb. Watch:

Image: Netflix