11 Temporary Tattoos Even Cooler Than Real Ones

Brad Barket/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Maybe it's my fear of commitment, but I've always found temporary tattoos to be cooler than the real ones (although if I were to ink myself, I'd probably consider one of the cool literary tatts out there). Temporary tattoos are so appealing because you can put on as many as you want with no consequence, there are lots of adorable designs, and it's not a total tragedy if the end result looks horrible.

Show me a person who doesn't think a sleeve of fake tattoos looks awesome and I'll show you a liar. With that in mind, I gathered up 11 of the coolest temporary tattoos on the market, for when you're feeling like doing something different with your look, but not, like, forever-level different.

vintage ship tattoo

This vintage ship tattoo looks so beautiful and so real. Amazing.

Ship Tattoo, $8,

pink bow tattoo

Forgetting anything? Remind yourself in style with these stunning pink bows.

Pink Bows Tattoo (set of 2), $4,

makers gonna make tattoo

Have you been bitten by the insatiable creative bug? Me too. Makers gonna make, right?

Makers Gonna Make (set of 2), $5,

tough enough tattoo

Play to your strengths with this tough enough tatt.

Tough Enough Tattoo, $4,

lightsabers tattoos

Finally have the lightsaber battle I know you’ve always imagined with these cool tatts.

Lightsaber Tattoo (Set of 4), $5,

party watch tattoo

Anytime can be party time with this watch tattoo from the always awesome Tattly.

Party Watch Tattoo (set of 2), $5,

be happy tattoo

It’ll be hard not to keep happy with this adorable number adorning your arm.

Be Happy Tattoo, $5,

3-D butterfly tattoo

I thought I was so over anything 3-D but boy was I wrong.

3-D Butterfly Tattoo, $5,

what to focus on tattoo

It can be hard to remember to take it easy and just smile, but this tattoo can serve as a reminder.

What To Focus On (Set of 2), $5,

yay burst tattoo

Yay is a big part of my vocabulary so obviously this tattoo had to make the list.

Yay Burst Tattoo (set of 2), $5,

fox tattoo

Who doesn’t want an adorable little woodland creature on their arm (temporarily)?

Fox Tattoo, $6,