How To Keep Up With 'SYTYCD'

You may not be able to catch the rhythm but it’s still a sight to behold isn’t it? Fox will kick off Season 11 of its reality dance competition So You Think You Can Dance this week, and whether you think you can, or know you can’t, you can tune in to watch the new season’s contestants lay it all on the line.

The series will mix things up a bit (and make a play for some young viewers) this season by calling on singer Justin Bieber and his choreographer Nick DeMoura for a few episodes. The layout isn’t changing — the competition is still focused on single dancers — but the addition of "crews" helps bringing a little more excitement of the non-stressful variety to the show. Hopefully, it’ll help the series rebound from its ratings drop last year.

Also changing it up a bit is the series' end result. The show will only crown one winner this year instead of a female and male winner. With competition getting tighter, every second will matter. If you won’t find yourself in front of your television screen, then we’ve got you covered. Here's everywhere you can go for new episode of the Fox reality competition so you can go out dancing and still stay current on So You Think You Can Dance.

Use Your Core: Fox.com

Next day access to full episodes on the network’s website is limited to customers who can verify their cable or satellite subscription. Without it, you’ll have to wait a full eight days before watching the two-hour premiere. If you think you can avoid your friends and social media accounts for that long, then go for it. Otherwise, we have a couple other options for you below.

Go Green on Hulu

Hulu has quickly become the go-to alternative for those without cable. Unfortunately, it comes with a similar requirement as Fox.com — you have to have cable or a paid account to see the show in a timely manner. On the upside, a Hulu Plus account, which costs $7.99 per month, is certainly cheaper than cable. You can also watch the premiere via Hulu Basic if you link it to your cable provider account.

Get Bits & Pieces on YouTube

You won’t be able to watch the entire episode on YouTube, but you will see the highlights and best performances, which is really all you need to see to talk about the show with your friends, right? If they mention someone you couldn’t find a clip on try something like: "Oh, you liked them?" while simultaneously throwing minor shade or go the confused route with something like: "I must have gone to the bathroom during their audition."

Werk That Cable Subscription With On Demand

Fox should have the episode loaded onto On Demand for select service providers the morning after the premiere. Sometimes the show will appear via your cable company’s online On Demand website as opposed to on the television, however. Also, So You Think You Can Dance doesn’t seem to stay around for long once it’s posted — most cable provider’s sites seem to hold it for no more than three days.

Images: Fox; Giphy