'The 100' Season Finale Spoilers Suggest We May Lose Another Character — And Soon

There is no safe place to live in the CW’s new drama The 100 . Life on the ark and on earth is in peril as factions fight for control. Allegiances are ever-changing and revenge runs deep. The last few episodes have set the stage for the war brewing between the Grounders and the 100 on earth, and the silent civil war taking form on the ark threatens to quite literally tear it in half. In the forthcoming two-part season finale, we’ll go behind enemy lines, so to speak, and watch as the 100 scramble to fight against an enemy they are completely unprepared for.

Executive producer Jason Rothenberg warned about a growing death toll and the chance that another major character could bite the dust, during a recent interview with Hollywood Reporter.

We’re not afraid to let the violence be real. We’re not afraid to have death be something that could happen at any time to anyone. It’s not the last time that’s going to happen to a major character. That’s the kind of world that they find themselves in.

We’ve located a few spoilers and put together a few theories about what could happen in the season finale, including some unfinished plotlines left lingering in recent episodes.

There Will Be Blood — But Whose?

In the upcoming battle between the Grounders and the 100, most of the casualties will be unidentifiable side characters, but at least one main character has to be in limbo for it to feel real. Jasper has nearly used up all nine of his lives and Raven recently backed out of the love triangle involving herself, Finn and Clarke, so they seem most expendable. And Monty, that kid that has tried contacting the ark and basically failed every time, could take a hit. His death could help sell Jasper’s development into a hard killer, or it could be a twofer and we could lose both of them.

Fighting On Both Fronts

A coup appears to be in the works on the Ark. Chancellor Jaha let Diana Sydney into the council and she seemingly wants to use this position for evil. Surprise, surprise. We just learned that she was behind the assassination attempt on Jaha and was working in cahoots with Commander Shumway, who she later killed. As many get ready to transition to life on Earth, look for Sydney to further her control and execute some dastardly plan in the season finale that leaves everyone in jeopardy. Could she actually be collaborating with someone on Earth?

...And Fighting On The Inside

This war looks like it will be three pronged. Murphy, who has been little more than a pest throughout the entire season, will look to even the score on those who banished him at the worst possible time. With everything going on around them, the 100 may overlook the threat coming from inside the camp. The Grounders don't look like they extend invitations for membership to hostiles, but maybe he displayed a certain kind of barbarous personality they find endearing.

The Introduction of the Mountain Men

It’s unclear how the Mountain Men are different from the regular Grounders we’ve seen. But if Lincoln’s warning to Octavia in “I Am Become Death” was accurate, they are pretty much the SEALs of this whole Grounder army. So, we don’t expect them to be foiled by a bombed bridge. To defeat them, the teens will need nothing short of a miracle, which brings me to my last prediction…

An Awkward Reunion

History dictates that when things get impossible on TV, at least one character previously thought to be dead must rise and provide victory. We're betting Clarke will be reunited with her mother and a few of the other survivors just as the Mountain Men overtake the camp. While they may be the answer to getting the natives to back off, it’s unclear how the dynamics will work with them now around. It may be explored more in the second season, but look for signs of discontent now with adults coming in and giving the kids a curfew.

The first half of the two-part finale will debut on June 4 at 9 PM.

Images: The CW (5)