Where Have You Heard This Song Before?

Rachel Murray/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Who’s behind the rendition of “Summer Nights” that rounds out that beachy Twizzlers ad? Who is responsible for the cover that almost manages to be more upbeat than the classic Grease jam? (The commercial doesn't include the "Shoo bop bop" part, which is arguably the most delightful song moment ever, so Grease wins this round.) Well, if you manage to tear you eyes away from the hypnotizing cherry-flavored licorice ocean waves and look at the bottom of the screen, you'll see the artist’s name: It's Karmin!

(Some semi-related thoughts: A ferris wheel made out of Twizzlers? Seems dangerous. Fireworks made out of Twizzlers? SEEMS AMAZING. Like, I'm not a scientist, but if research teams start plugging away at it now, I bet Twizzlers fireworks could be a reality within the next century. If Google Glass can happen, Twizzlers fireworks can happen, yeah? And they should happen. They would kick every fireworks show up 800 notches.)

Karmin, aka adorable couple Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan (yes, they are a couple. Between the Twizzlers and their love story, all of it is too sweet. Giving me a goddamned toothache), has recorded some seriously catchy covers and original tunes. Where have you heard the pop duo before? On the radio, on YouTube, during commercial breaks, and more!

You want specific examples? I'll give you specific examples. I'll give you 45 specific examples. Eh, that seems excessive. How about 11?


"Super Bass":

"Someone Like You":

And their performance of "Look At Me Now" on The Ellen DeGeneres Show:




"I Want It All":


An episode of The Rachel Zoe Project:

On top of a McDonald's bus:


"Hate To Love You"/Shoedazzle:

"Try Me On"/Dasani:

"Summer Nights"/Twizzlers:

WARNING: The ad will compel you to buy a bag of Twizzlers, tirelessly search for your old Grease VHS, and hope with all of your might that your VCR still works.