Yes, That's That Song You Still Love

Your ears do not deceive you: That is “One Headlight” by The Wallflowers in a Geico ad. In one of the insurance company’s many TV spots, the infectious, probably perfect '90s pop-rock hit (show me a person who genuinely dislikes the song. I'll wait) plays while a pack of motorcyclists cruise down a winding highway. Their destination: THE BEEEEACH.

And then! The song begins to warp. Jakob Dylan's vocals warble. It sort of sounds like this version of the song was recorded in a swimming pool. AND THEN! The motorcycles morph into submarines and drive right into the ocean. It's an aquatic adventure! The marinecycles cruise past a school of fish, attempt to keep up with a pod of dolphins, and dodge a group of jellyfish. They pop wheelies and do flips. It's a hoot!

The marinecycles head back to dry land and return to their motorcycle state. "One Headlight" is no longer in a swimming pool.

When the motorcyclists remove their helmets, we see that the motorcyclists are not humans. THEY ARE FISH WITH HUMAN LEGS. THEY HAVE BEEN FISH WITH HUMAN LEGS ALL ALONG. The fish/human hybrids discuss where they want to go next. The fish/human who drives the red motorcycle says he has to get home, it's getting late. They all look at their watches. He's right. They hop on their bikes and hit the road. The adventure will have to pick back up again next weekend.

The fish/human hybrids are the new Geico mascots.

Okay, I embellished a little.

Image: TV Commercials/YouTube