Nicolas Cage Can't Stop Laughing in Hilarious Yet Creepy Supercut

Who even is Nicolas Cage anymore? Is he like James Franco pre-seventeen-year-old-girl, a strange and sometimes manic figure floating in and out of our cultural consciousness with mysterious motive and imagination? Is he a specter of our societal need to feel the rush of stealing the Declaration Of Independence? Is he a vampire? We may never have our answers, but now we have a supercut of Nic Cage laughing, and that is as joyful and terrifying experience as any.

The supercut, which is twenty minutes long, comes to us from the Youtube account of one Mark Heiliger. Was it a benevolent choice to put this out into the universe? A malevolent one? A distraction so that Mark Heiliger, in turn, can abscond with a beloved American artifact? Who knows!

What we do know is that it is a sight to behold. The video pulls from a whopping 64 movies — it skips the animated films — starting with the innocent '80s exhales Valley Girl and ending with the succinct chuckles of Joe. And it is an interesting journey to go on. Analyze the laughs, really breathe them in. As one commenter said, "Early Nic Cage sounds exactly like Ross Geller from Friends." It's true! A twenty-minute runtime also makes this roughly the length of a sitcom episode. Make of that what you will.

Embedding of the video seems to have been recently disabled, but it's worth it to head over here to witness its glory.

Now, to counterbalance this mania, here is Liam Neeson staring at you for ten hours.

e7magic on YouTube