Netflix Is Streaming 'Frozen' but Fair Warning, It's not the Disney Version You're Looking For

So, word of advice: if you want to watch Frozen on can't. Like, don't even try, because if you try, you will be very disappointed. Take it from reviewers who watched what they initially thought was Frozen. They found out the hard way that if it doesn't say "animated musical," it's probably not an animated musical. Pro tip, guys: read. Point proven: Frozen is on Netflix, but it's a totally different movie.

In fact, this Frozen is nearly the antithesis of the Disney flick. It's a Chinese movie directed by Xiaoshuai Wang that has a description that reads as follows:

A Chinese performance artist stages a series of ritual suicides, eventually planning to publicly freeze himself to protest a numbing existence.

Nope. Not the Disney flick at all. The only thing it has common with the animated musical is that it involves ice and freezing, and, uh, the title. We should probably acknowledge the fact that when you go to the movie's page on Netflix you can see an image of the movie — which does not feature Princess Anna nor Elsa — and it also utilizes Netflix's key words "gritty, dark, and emotional." (Hey, maybe some people think the musical Frozen is gritty and dark. Maybe the heard "Let It Go" and figured it was a gut wrenching swan song!").

Still, people are clearly so dead-set on watching Frozen, that they don't read movie descriptions. They see the word Frozen and all hell breaks loose. And then they start watching...and then they start reviewing. And we get to read the results!

So now, here are some highlights of some reviewers who thought they were in for an animated treat and instead saw a Chinese performance artist attempting to stage an icy suicide:

about 50 minutes in i realized this isnt [sic] the disney one. This one is much more real and this fun
Seriously i get exited [sic] because i think that it is the disney one it makes me sad
This movie was only added to take advantage of the name Frozen appearing on Netflix.

Obviously, these reviewers cover the gamut — some people are pleasantly surprised to see dark performance art instead of a singing snowman, other people were previously "exited," and others feared a Frozen/Netflix conspiracy.

What can we gauge from this? People will do anything for Frozen, even not read movie descriptions. But read movie descriptions, guys. Especially if you're not in the mood to watch suicide performance art.

Image: Disney