JWoww Tells off Snarky TMZ For Calling Her Lil' Kim in Nasty Tweet — PHOTO

When TMZ posted a joke article about former Jersey Shore girl, comparing the eight-months-pregnant JWoww (aka Jenni Farley) to fellow expecting celebrity Lil' Kim, she immediately did what most people would do in their first reaction: she flipped them the bird. The snarky article in question shows a picture of the pregnant Jersey Shore star under the headline "Lil Kim Wowwing NYC With Her Baby Bump." The article is short, but it manages to throw shade in both ladies' directions, starting with "Looking like she just spent the weekend getting her GTL on, Lil Kim walked the streets of New York today sporting the latest in guidette style ... which is an odd look for the 39-year-old rapper," and ending with "Whatever Kim has been doing, she looks years younger."

In response, JWoww tweeted a picture of her giving the finger and calling TMZ out for making fun the makeup of a woman who's eight months pregnant. Of course, Snooki as always had her girl's back and immediately retweeted it. Moments later, JWoww posted an Instagram about how she regretted the tweet...not because she didn't mean it, but because she let TMZ make her feel bad about how she looked.

For a girl who comes from the surreal world of reality television, this is a pretty real moment. You may not love JWoww (or TMZ, for that matter), but you do know what it feels like when someone tries to make you feel bad for the way you look. Yeah, you can get defensive, but in the end, the goal is to be able to love yourself enough to ignore what everyone else says. In the eloquent words of JWoww, "Kiss my ass TMZ and every other hater."

Image: Instagram/@JenniJwowwMtv