Does Delena Have A Shot In 'TVD' Season 6?

And now for the question all The Vampire Diaries fans have been wondering about for weeks: Is Delena still the endgame? That question really runs hand-in-hand with an even bigger question we've been trying to figure out: will Damon Salvatore return to the land of the living? The Vampire Diaries ' Season 5 finale killed off Damon Salvatore which shocked us and more or less crushed our souls like only showrunner Julie Plec can. And it looks like none of TVD's stars, Ian Somerhalder included, are planning to soften the blow. Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, and Paul Wesley revealed their Season 6 Wish Lists to EW and it's got me feeling really bleak on the Delena front.

With all of the spoilers Plec and her fellow showrunner, Caroline Dries, have let slip since the Season 5 finale, they've kept their options open when it comes to Damon's fate and Delena's chances. Which, even though it's infuriating for TVD fans, I can understand — we wouldn't want them to reveal everything up their sleeves, would we? (Okay, fine, I just want to know what percent of a chance we've got that Damon will be alive by the end of Season 6. That's not too much to ask, right?) We know that Somerhalder is in for Season 6, contract-wise, so we're not losing that handsome devil for good any time soon. But when Plec says "there's a million different ways" that we could see Bonnie and Damon in Season 6 and that it's just a matter of "how, why, and where?" that's when I start to worry. Damn that infuriating "never say never" mantra.

Why? Because it'd be so like Plec to keep Delena is a state of limbo that will drive fans into madness, like she did with Caroline and Klaus in Season 5. Usually we can rely on TVD's stars to drop little or HUGE hints (like when Somerhalder teased Damon's death ahead of the finale and no one believed him) about what's to come. So, when Somerhalder, Dobrev, and Wesley sat down with EW, I was optimistic that there'd be some news on the Delena front that might be pleasant. (Since "might" is Plec and Dries' new buzzword for Season 6.) And that was a big mistake.

Ta-Ta For Now, Supernaturals

First, we have Wesley crushing us with his assessment of which characters would flourish without their supernatural powers. Well, aside from the fact that without their powers, they'd just die instantly. Either way, the actor told EW that he'd be interested to see everyone stripped down and forced to go back to life as normal people. Which, I agree, would be pretty cool, considering all Stefan, Elena, and the rest of the crew in Mystic Falls do is complain about the drama of the supernatural world. But Wesley closed his Season 6 wish with, "I think Stefan would do great, he would do wonderfully, but Damon would be a disaster.”

Now, I don't believe Plec is going that far to strip everyone of their powers. But Wesley not even giving Damon a shot at a world like that? It makes sense, but feels foreboding to me — almost as if Damon can't come back to Mystic Falls and the mortal world because he just wouldn't fit in anymore. And, even though it hasn't been the case on TVD, if you look at other shows that have brought characters back from the dead (AHS: Coven, Once Upon A Time) these characters are not themselves. And, more so, they don't understand their place anymore. Losing Damon might hurt less than having him come back as something other than himself to ruin Delena for good.

Delena Could Be Done

As for our wannabe happy couple? Nina Dobrev doesn't seem like she wants Elena to fall back into the Delena cycle either. This assertion could be just a cover for hints that Elena won't and will never move on (even after a time-jump). Dobrev told TV Guide that we'd see Elena in "a settled place" for the first 15 minutes of the Season 6 premiere before she falls back down the rabbit hole again.

This is to be expected, but Dobrev's Season 6 wish doesn't sound like she wants the elder Gilbert to get back together with Damon. The TVD star told EW that because Elena's grown so much and become such a strong woman, "I’m excited to see her hopefully have a departure and a closure from this world." Leave everything in the supernatural world behind? Including the memory of her time with Damon or the possibility that he'll return?

Hopefully that's not what she meant, because she followed up that more positive statement by saying that she wants Elena to get everything she ever wanted: a family, stability, love, and safety for everyone. Whatever that means. Elena can't technically have a family as a vampire and with the current state of things, everyone is technically safe. Would Elena let Damon go to keep everyone safe and find stability, love, and family with someone else or among her friends instead? None of this sounds promising for Delena. At all.

Damon Could Go All Jack Sparrow on Us

And last but not least, what does Damon Salvatore himself, Somerhalder, wish for his character? The actor joked that he hopes Season 6 opens with Damon drinking rum on a beach somewhere — this isn't Pirates of the Caribbean, buddy. The actor then revealed that he shares Dobrev's wish for the characters to just find peace and happiness and that "in some crazy, cohesive way, they all get to live their lives in a very harmonious way." I understand that he can't give too much away and he can't just start spouting off that he wants Delena to be together forever, but this still hurts. Of course, he followed up by saying that in Mystic Falls that just isn't possible and that without the drama that comes from misery, TVD wouldn't be the show it is. And we agree, but none of that sounds promising for Delena either.

Could Elena just be left pining for Damon until she flees Mystic Falls and runs from herself until she dies like her now-deceased doppelgänger Katherine? We don't want the instant gratification of knowing flat-out that Damon will survive and Delena will be back on by the end of Season 6, but a little hint, even if it seems outlandish, would be preferable over TVD's Big 3 suggesting that everyone give up and move on. That's just not cool.

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