'Pretty Little Liars' Lucy Hale Is Dating "If You Want Some" Singer Joel Crouse & They're Adorable

Will there be a duet on her next album? According to Twitter, Instagram, and the all-knowing Ryan Seacrest — Lucy Hale is dating Joel Crouse. I'm honestly shocked that she's got the time for romance at all with Pretty Little Liars Season 5 premiering on June 10 and Hale's debut country album's, The Road Between, release on June 3. Lucy Hale is a busy girl, people. On Thursday morning, the PLL star joined the American Idol host on his radio show, On Air With Ryan Seacrest, and talked her new album, PLL, and, most importantly, that pesky rumor that she's officially a cougar.

So, is she a cougar? Seacrest asked the 24-year-old star about her relationship with 21-year-old country singer Crouse while brandishing a photo of the pair at the supermarket. Hale was visibly embarrassed — as anyone trying to keep their personal life private would be. (Damn you, Seacrest, not everyone is a Kardashian.) In case you don't know, Crouse was one of the lucky artists handpicked by Taylor Swift to be her opening act during her 2013 Red Tour. The 21-year-old is from Holland, Massachusetts and apparently an overachiever — he graduated high school at 16 and was signed by Show Dog-Universal Music before he turned 20 and released "If You Want Some" as his first single in 2013 and "Why God Made Love Songs" in 2014. Basically, you want to know him.

Following Seacrest grilling Hale, there were a few jokes and a lot of stuttering, but Hale never flat-out said she was dating the singer. However, a quick look at their respective Instagram accounts makes it blatantly obvious that they're more than friends. And that they're 1000 times more adorable than you. Here's a few adorable snaps of the couple and a great video of them performing Frozen's "Let It Go":

Date Night At The Lakers' Game

Apparently Crouse is a huge fan, so Hale surprised him and brought him to his first game. Gah.

Twinning At Sunset

They found love in matching flannel shirts.

He Rocks Her Promo Gear

She liked it, so she put a hat on it.

Snuggling With A View

Hale captioned this one "Today didn't suck." Well, it might have for that guy on the left.

And That Frozen Singalong


Images: JoelCrouse/Instagram (2), LucyHale/Instagram (3)