'Pretty Little Liars' Season 5 Poster Is Here — So What Does It Mean? — PHOTO

Are you ready for more 'A'? Well, I am. Even though Pretty Little Liars Season 5 is still two, long weeks away, ABC Family just dropped a little treat. On Wednesday, ABC Family revealed the first poster for Pretty Little Liars Season 5. Spoilers for PLL 's highly anticipated new season have been slowly trickling in since the explosive Season 4 finale and a month ago we got our first promo for the Season 5 premiere on June 10. But now we've finally got a sense of what I. Marlene King meant when she said the show was totally new again — Season 5 will be creepy as hell.

This poster is nothing like the Jan. 2014 promo poster that got PLL stars Ashley Benson and Troian Bellisario up-in-arms over excessive photoshopping. Because, well, there's no actual people to be photoshopped. The first Season 5 poster features a creepy mask of each of the five liars' faces — that's right, I said FIVE. Alison DiLaurentis has officially made her first PLL promo poster debut and, well, she's creeping us out. Even more so than usual — and that's hard for her to do.

Here's the poster that the official PLL Twitter account tweeted out on Wednesday afternoon:

The only thing creepier than those blacked-out eyeholes are the cracks in Alison's mask. So what does this mean? (Other than that you'll have nightmares from now until June 10.) Well, for one, it means that we're going to be getting all Ali all of the time this season — so for all of you PLL fans that were worried that King would take her sweet time reintroducing Ali to the group, you might be wrong. Not only does Alison's mask appear on this poster, but it's front-and-center.

Does anyone else feel like these masks are menacingly staring into your soul? Ugh, okay — I need to focus, back to Ali's mask because we need to talk about those cracks. It looks like, after a destructive Season 4 for everyone, Alison is the one that's going to crumble in Season 5. So, how will it happen? There are three different ways it could go — she starts to go a little crazy from her paranoia now that she's vulnerable; her secrets start to be revealed and the more that come out, the more her facade crumbles; or we'll see her slow decline as being a part of the liars' friend group (we did see her get called out for being shady in the promo).

Or this could also just be a really great, creepy, and creative promo poster — but what fun would that be? Considering I. Marlene King does everything on purpose, something big is coming for Alison DiLaurentis in Season 5 and it might not just be 'A'.

Image: ABCFpll/Twitter