Nas Creates a Scholarship Fund

Like fine wine, Nas continues getting better with age. But enough about his looks- let's discuss how his career is also on the most awesome upswing lately! Last week he announced plans to start his own record label in order to promote other music acts. In April, he introduced us to Time is Illmatic, a film that debuted at Tribeca Film Festival. Now Nas plans to help college graduates get a firm grip on their professional futures through the creation of a Nas scholarship fund.

The hip-hop legend joined forces with Koru, an "experiential education program" that aims to help top graduates make the college to full-time employment transition a little smoother. The post-graduation job search can be a harrowing experience, capable of making those days in the dorm with Ramen Noodles and 20-page papers seem a little less daunting to any new job seeker.Even though he didn't attend college, it's cool that Nas sees the value in higher education and helping graduates reach their full potential in the workplace. Typically, hip hop stars project tough guy images that tend to earn them more publicity than any good deeds they may perform, so hopefully, more rappers will follow Nas' lead. Already, we've seen the good that comes from rappers offering scholarships. In the past we've seen awards from Juicy J, whose controversial twerking scholarship was worth $50,000,plus Jay Z's Shawn Carter Foundation Scholarship Fund helps with college-related expenses. Among other rappers who've offered scholarships are Nelly, will.i.am, and legendary female rapper MC Lyte.With known hip hop artists becoming more associated with higher education, this growing trend is bound to assist in revamping the music genre's image. Nas' latest efforts definitely prove that although hip hop tends to focus on the grittier aspects of life, in the end, those who rap share the same goal of college graduates and anyone else who is striving for success.