Why We're Stoked for 'Sausage Party'!

by Jenny Jaffe

As if their upcoming adaptation of the Preacher graphic novel series for AMC weren't exciting news enough, we now have even more to look forward to from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the screenwriting duo who brought us Superbad, Pineapple Express, This is the End (and The Watch and The Green Hornet, but we don't have to talk about those, do we?). We've known for a while that one of Rogen and Goldberg's new features (they're also slated to direct the upcoming Console Wars ), Sausage Party, would be animated, we didn't know much about it until just today, when it was announced that frequent collaborator Danny McBride would be joining the cast, along with American treasure Paul Rudd and Workaholics star Anders Holm. They'll be joining James Franco, Jonah Hill, David Krumholtz, Michael Cera, Nick Kroll, and Edward Norton- and yes, I know the movie's called Sausage Party, but I really hope there are more funny ladies in the cast who are just yet to be announced!

The film also just got a release date: June 3, 2016! This is notable not only because it's later than the film's initially predicted 2015 release, but also because it's an R-rated, major summer studio release, which is practically unheard of.

I have high hopes for Sausage Party — sure, it could be more The Watch than Superbad, but Rogen and Goldberg still have a fairly strong batting average.

If I were a different sort of writer, I might say that I'll be RSVP-ing "Yes", to this Sausage Party.