'Glee's Lea Michele Confesses To Drinking As A Toddler — How Would Rachel Berry Feel About This?

What would Rachel Berry say, Lea? Glee star, Brunette Ambition author, Louder singer, and all-around health-nut Lea Michele stopped by Chelsea Lately Thursday night. And while she didn't address John Mayer's crush on her, the star did reveal that she's indulged in more than her fair share of wine over the years. Apparently, Lea Michele started drinking as a toddler — at least, that's what she told host Chelsea Handler.

Handler started out with asking Michele about Brunette Ambition and the 27-year-old actress' assertion that you don't have to give up alcohol to be healthy — because she started drinking as a toddler. The Glee star laughed and said, "It makes me seem crazy," before opening up about the wine situation in her household. As Michele told the host, "At the dinner table it would be Pellegrino, a jug of soda, and a huge thing of wine. So everyone was just drinking wine, like it was part of, like, you know, what you would have along with your dinner." I mean, that's not so crazy. But it might seem a little crazy when you're sitting at your boyfriend's family's dinner table, dumbfounded and asking, "Where's the wine?" Which is apparently something Michele also experienced.

Jeez, Lea, you boozehound, we love ya. Watch her interview here:


But what would Rachel Berry think of this behavior? Honestly, probably nothing — well, maybe pre-glee club Rachel would be a little appalled. But, she did throw that crazy house party in Season 2 that ended up with her making out with Blaine (awkward).

Also, Rachel's dads were always painted to be so sophisticated and cosmopolitan, so I can actually imagine them offering her a glass of fine wine with dinner on occasion. And while I'm thinking about it, it never seemed like Rachel had any rules at all — her dads, like Michele explained of her parents, definitely believed in the whole "make alcohol available so your kids don't want it that badly" mantra. Now, the real question is: Would Lea Michele and Rachel Berry party together IRL?

Image: autostraddle, FOX