You'll Never Guess Who Wants to Date Lea Michele

From Katy Perry to Rachel Berry, John Mayer has reportedly turned his attention to Glee 's Lea Michele. Based on information from an anonymous source, Star magazine is saying that Mayer has been pursuing Michele for a long time. “John’s had a crush on Lea for a while. He constantly tells her how beautiful and talented she is," the source confided.

As sweet as the source is making Mayer sound, if this news is true it's much more sinister than it seems. Michele is still healing since losing boyfriend Cory Monteith less than a year ago. If she's ready to date again that's totally fine because she knows what she's ready for, but I'm not sure John Mayer is really the person for her to move on with.

In March, Katy Perry and John Mayer split after he allegedly cheated on her. Hopefully that was just a rumor, but if not, Michele should definitely stay far away from Mayer who reportedly was stepping out on Perry with his spin instructor Lauren McHale.

Cheating scandals aside, Mayer just has a reputation for being a womanizer and for moving on from women with surprising speed. So much so that Miley Cyrus called him out on it once.

Fortunately it seems that Michele isn't interested in starting anything with Mayer in the near future. A supposed friend of the actress told Star that Michele "isn’t about to give her heart away to someone like him.”

Good for her.

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