Preschooler Gives The Best Graduation Speech Yet

Mat Hayward/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It’s graduation season and we’ve already heard a lot of pretty amazing commencement speeches so far. But — no offense to Mindy Kaling or Sandra Bullock — I’m pretty sure the one recently given by preschooler Jathan Muhair at his graduation ceremony is the best one we’ve seen this spring.

As can be seen in the clip below, the young boy’s entire speech only consists of a single line, but it’s already gone viral and garnered hundreds of thousands of views online. Why? ‘Cause what he says is inspirational, really honest, and, oh yeah, so stinkin’ cute, it melted even this cynical New Yorker’s heart.

So what were little Jathan’s words of wisdom when he walked up to the mic in his miniature cap and gown? It may be short and sweet, but more truthful words have never been spoken, folks. His speech causes several people in the audience, presumably including his family members, to erupt into loud cheers. Not that I can blame them…if he was my kid, I’d be proud too! Clearly, he knows what he wants and is going after it. After all, isn’t that what graduations are all about? Keep dreaming big, Jathan!

Image: Mat Hayward/Getty Images