Mariah's Glam NYC Subway Ride

by Lia Beck

Singer and fingerless glove connoisseur Mariah Carey went where no Mariah Carey has gone before on Thursday night: The D train at 205th Street in the Bronx. That's right, the Mariah Carey rode the New York City subway in a sparkly blue gown after hosting the Fresh Air Fund Gala at NYC's Chelsea Piers. Apparently, Carey along with producer Jermaine Dupri and BET Music Programming President Stephen Hill, hopped on to the subway after the gala and decided to ride all the way to the Bronx and back. In one of the photos Carey posted, you can see that they are on the 1 train, but in a regram from Dupri, he mentions the D. It seems this was a looong subway ride.

The best thing about Carey's subway ride — Okay, there's two best things. One is that she posted photos and videos (!!!) of the excursion online and the other is imagining the thoughts of people on the train around her. For example,

  • "Damn, that's the third crazy person in a ball gown I've seen on the train this week."
  • "That kook looks sort of like Mariah Carey."
  • "Ugh, I hate when people where sunglasses inside."
  • "Is that Mariah Carey? No, no, she wouldn't be here. She'd at least be on something more clean and modern like the E train."
  • "That Mariah Carey look-a-like could sure use a pair of fold-able flats. Foot blisters are a-comin'!"
  • "Wait... Is the person who just asked me to take this 'candid' photo Mariah Carey?"

Seriously, though, who took these pictures? A bodyguard?

As is this wasn't enough Mariah Carey on the subway for you, she also posted a series of videos on Vine showing her approaching the subway station and doing fabulously Mariah things like spinning in her dress and saying, "It's like sparkles against filth."

Images: Mariah Carey/Instagram