The 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' Sequel Is the Best Thing to Happen to This Woman — VIDEO

We're all pretty excited about the sequel to My Big Fat Greek Wedding , but before you say "let me douse myself in Windex!," you must watch this video of a Greek woman who is really, really psyched about the sequel. In fact, she is ecstatic knowing that she will see Nia Vardalos' second foray into the world of the Portakalos family (and perhaps even John Corbett's long-haired 'do, if he brings that look back), that she goes on for over five minutes. She is so filled with joy that you don't want to tell her about that television series, My Big Fat Greek Life. (She rebukes her son's thoughts on Vardalos' My Life In Ruins, because, according to her, if Vardalos made the movie, it's good stuff.)

So why is she really so excited? Because, as she puts it, "the Greeks are making movies!" And, to that end, she also says that "all the other movies can go to hell!" Particularly Darren Aronofsky's Noah, which she was not a fan of at all. In fact, she says, had she been the director, she would not have done it "that way," whatever that means.

It's a pretty funny video — guaranteed, you've never seen someone so thrilled about a sequel. After all, sequels, as her son tries to inform her, are usually subpar. But no! Not this one! This one will be amazing!

As a result, let's hand her the title of Most Excited Greek Wedding Fan Ever.

Check it out!

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Image: Playtone