Wanna Buy A High School On Craigslist? Here's Your Chance, Michigan

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Kids do the darnest things. Sometimes they talk back in class, other times they forget to clean up after themselves, and sometimes high school seniors decide to put their school for sale on Craigslist. You know, the usual. As part of a senior prank, students at Freeland High School in Michigan was listed for sale on Craigslist. The listing advertises 24 rooms, 11 bathrooms, laundry facilities and a full gym — making this one deal that no one would want to pass up depending on the price tag, which wasn't disclosed. Except, obviously, the school is not actually for sale.

Perhaps they were bored in class one day, but these kids are definitely my new favorite.

And the weirdest part? Teachers and administrators aren't even that upset. The superintendent told WNEM, a local TV affiliate, that they're not even taking the ad seriously. So, kudos to those kids on a successful senior prank.

But this begs the question: What other crazy things are listed as for sale on Craigslist? Well, it's pretty weird, I'll tell you that. If you're in the mood to buy something, er, new and interesting...

1. Antique Sex Toys

One woman advertised her "Antique hand crank Womens vibrating dildo" for sale. Uh, thanks, but no thanks.

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2. Belly Button Lint

You can buy it by the jar from a guy in Baltimore... He's trading it for gold, employment or even for a muscle car.

3. Dressers Possessed by Ex-Girlfriends

It's as creepy as you would think, except the ad doesn't specify if the girlfriend is still alive or not, so maybe he or she is just being dramatic?

4. Kimball Organ

Alright, so this isn't that weird... at first. This person is willing to sell it for the best offer or for a cute puppy.

5. A Donkey

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Yeah, they're just selling a donkey that they claim is a "pain in the ass." Clearly, they don't know how to make a sales pitch.

Image: Craigslist