Tyra Banks Is Coming Back To Daytime TV, So Here Are Some Crazy Things We Hope She Does Again

Best news ever? Maybe! Probably! Oh, who are we kidding — yes! Tyra Banks is returning to daytime television. BRB while I practice my best smize to prepare for this moment — okay, I'm back, and if my smize needs a little work right now, I know it's about to improve in a major way. Thanks to Disney-ABC, Banks will return with a still-untitled show that will cover a whole range of topics, which means anything is possible (including that Life-Size sequel that's actually happening). And, when it comes to Banks, you know literally anything is on the table.

Maybe it's best that we hear it from Tyra. Here's what she said in a statement:

Yes, let's! But while a whole bunch of new Tyra moments are surely headed in our direction, here are some things we hope she reprises...

Teach Us (or Bow Wow, or anyone really) About The Birds And The Bees

BintouTV on YouTube

Yell At A Model Just Because (ANTM, but still)


The whole thing:

hollyxlove on YouTube

Demonstrate Her Expertise In Burping

astr4 on YouTube

Accidentally Fall Off Of A Chair, And Be Totally OK With It

OfficialJarodMiller on YouTube

Pretend To Have Rabies

ddfs on YouTube

Tell Women To Keep Being Confident Because Any Haters Can Kiss Her Fat Ass


The whole glorious moment:

toxicmodelx on YouTube

And Of Course, Help Us Continue To Smize

officialANTM on YouTube

Aren't Fridays wonderful?

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