#FreeTheNipple Is "Bigger Than Instagram"

by Mallory Schlossberg

The woman who launched the #FreeTheNipple campaign, Scout Willis, has more to say about baring her breasts. As you probably know, she was not okay with the fact that a lady can walk around in NYC sans a shirt, but she can't post her nips on Instagram due to Community Guidelines. So Willis — who was mostly known for being Demi Moore and Bruce Willis' daughter before Nipplegate 2 — took to the streets of New York City, casually engaging in normal everyday activities (like smelling flowers, looking at a fruit stand — "people were really blase about it," she said), just without a top, proudly parading her breasts as a protest to the Internet. She tweeted pictures from her protest, too. You've probably seen her breasts in the past 48 hours because you're an active citizen of the Internet.

So, as stated previously, she now has more to say about the whole no-nipple policy because you can't start a Nipple Brigade and expect to remain silent. People want to hear more! And who better to speak to than a local newspaper in the city where she casually strolled without a top? Willis spoke to New York's The Village Voice in an exclusive interview and gave some more insight into why she feels so impassioned about axing the no-breast policy. She said:

Some people either aren't aware enough of the facts to know what it is I'm actually fighting for and talking about, and some people really just don't want to take me seriously, and would rather write me off as someone who's just attention-seeking.

(The 22-year-old first started the campaign after Instagram removed a fashion photo from her feed — Willis followed that up by explaining on Twitter, "This is about helping women feel empowered to make personal choices about their bodies not dictated by what society says is decent.")

Willis is going to continue to speak outwardly about the whole thing, especially since she's garnering support from celebs like Rihanna, who have joined the #FreeTheNipple campaign. But the thing is, while she did anticipate some controversy, she didn't expect this much support (or lack thereof, i.e.: no bra) from tweeting the picture of herself walking around the city without a top.

In fact, she said:

It would be naïve to say I didn't think it would cause a controversy, a buzz, [...] But never did I expect the outpouring — both of media attention, as well as incredibly positive support.

Support in the re-tweeting, #FreeTheNipple, Internet sense, of course. But we'll take it.