Evan Rachel Wood Shuts Down Michelle Rodriguez Hookup Rumor Pretty Swiftly & Resumes Twitter Break

Hey, if you think you can start a rumor about Evan Rachel Wood while she's on a Twitter break and she won't feel compelled to set you straight via tweet, think again. After Wood and Jamie Bell announced their separation on Wednesday, Wood tweeted she was going to take a vaycay from the social media site. I mean, totally understandable move when you're going through personal stuff. Let that dust settle. BUT! A piece of gossip reared its head that Wood was not about to let fester: There was a rumor that Wood and actress Michelle Rodriguez hooked up three weeks ago. Friday, Wood hopped back on Twitter to snuff out that goss immediately.

According to a "source," Wood and Rodriguez went home together after attending the An Evening With Women event at the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center in Beverly Hills. But Wood says this is so not the case, and that she and Rodriguez haven't as much as talked to one another. Sure, Wood and Rodriguez posed for a photo together that evening (with Milla Jovovich), but as Wood puts it:

Also just because you are in a photo with someone doesnt mean you spoke or slept together. Really guys?

As if she didn't already have enough on her plate (a fresh separation, remember?), now she's battling cheating rumors. Blech. Also, this rumor mucks with on-again, off-again couple Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne. Don't muck with their relaysh! Sheesh.

Check out Wood's short and sweet tweet rebuttal:

And with that, the break is back on:

But not before she RTs some solid tweets from fans, that is:

For the sake of all parties involved, let's hope the Twitter break break took care of this BS.

Image: @evanrachelwood/Twitter