'Sherlock' Season 3 & Bonus Features on Netflix Will Tide You Over Until Season 4

It still feels like Sherlock season four is hundred years away, but to tide you over until then, Sherlock 's third season will be released on Netflix on Monday with a bunch of additional footage. In addition to streaming all three of the latest episodes, Netflix will also debut Sherlock Uncovered, a three-part making-of special. Each part will focus on explaining one of the episodes and will contain interviews with creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss as well as the cast. For the overly-invested Sherlock fan there will also be a one-hour behind-the-scenes video called Unlocking Sherlock, which will delve into the process of creating the entire series.

That's right, come Monday we will not only be able to bingewatch the series again, but we'll get four new making-of featurettes. It's almost too much Sherlock to handle at one time. This is a show whose fans had to wait two years between seasons two and three. They are equipped to handle waiting, but they are not used to getting a bunch of new stuff at one time. So get ready for the Cumberbitches to break the Internet with their excitement on Monday.

And for those of you unable to wait until then, watch a sneak peek of Sherlock Unlocked below:

Image: BBC