11 Sweet and Savory Snacks for Your Next Road Trip Because You’re Better Than a Gas Station

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For the first thirty minutes, a road trip is nothing short of glorious. You’re driving with the top down, channeling Thelma & Louise , and there’s nothing standing between you and the sunset. Maybe you’re headed across the country or just to the next town over — it doesn’t matter. You’re free, and nothing can stop you.

And then you get hungry. So hungry. You start dreaming of Slim Jims, of gas station hot dogs, of slushies the color of nuclear waste. But you can do better. This summer, with a little planning, we’ll pack a cooler full of road snacks that would put a food truck to shame. Go healthy with spring rolls or dangerous with homemade candy bars — this is a menu worthy of the open road.

Image: My Name Is Yeh

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