11 Homemade Sundae Toppings To Take Your Ice Cream to the Next Level

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Ice cream is easy. It doesn’t ask for much — maybe a little churning here and there. Or maybe not, if you’re feeling like semifreddo. It will be there for you on your longest days. It will wait patiently in your freezer until you need it most. And when you do, it won’t mind if you eat it right out of the carton, with only a spoon and a few tears for company. Ice cream understands. In return, it just wants you to treat it right.

And this summer, we will treat it like a king. We’ll drizzle it in homemade fudge, in caramelized white chocolate and lemon curd. We’ll crown it with drunken cherries, with brittle, with every last sugary thing we can think of. So put down the syrup bottle — our ice cream deserves only the very best.

Image: Oh, Ladycakes

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