Levi Johnston's Expecting His Third Baby & Kathy Griffin Will Be Heart-Broken

Is it just me, or is Levi Johnston only in the news when something new with his junk has occurred? Pregnancies, Playgirl spreads — the dude is probably most famous for his penis. So you can guess why he's back this time around: Johnston and wife Sonny Oglesby are expecting their second kid, and Johnston's third overall. Congrats on your powerful sperm, I guess?

Johnston was first made famous by being the dude who knocked up Bristol Palin immediately before Sarah Palin's 2008 vice-presidential run. He was in the running to be part of the extended first (second?) family, basically, and he was just loud enough and willing-to-pose-naked-enough that he stuck around to really milk his fifteen minutes. He even pretended to date Kathy Griffin for a while!

Johnston eventually went back to Alaska, where he impregnated and married one Sonny Oglesby. Things were generally quiet on that front until Sunday, when TMZ obtained their pregnancy announcement photo. It was incredibly adorable, and incredibly Alaskan. And incredibly him.

The most Johnston things about it were, in no particular order:

  • The animal skull in the background, presiding over the festivities.
  • The v-neck.
  • The spaghetti.
  • The sauuuuceee.
  • The giant "JOHNSTON" tattoo on his arm.
  • The barely-there apostrophe in "we're"
  • The "wine" glasses, which I guess are...fancy mason jars? I don't know how those happened or why.

In all honesty, we wish them heaps of happiness and the best of luck with their new baby. We'd also like to point out that TMZ used the phrase "Cong-RAGU-lations" and should really take a closer look at themselves. We would also, lastly, like to offer our condolences to Kathy Griffin in this hard time.