Chris Brown's Been Released From Jail

by Kadeen Griffiths

In a real life plot twist that we all should have seen coming, Chris Brown has been released from jail ahead of his original sentence. Brown was sentenced to spend 131 days in jail at his probation-violation hearing on May 9, but, according to TMZ, he was released at midnight Monday morning after only serving 108 days.

Brown's original sentence would have had him spending an entire year behind bars, but he was credited for both the days he spent in rehab and the days he had already spent in jail. Prior to his release, Brown was doing time after the judge ruled that he had violated his probation in the Rihanna case by assaulting a man in Washington, D.C. The trail for Brown's D.C. assault has been delayed for months while Brown's bodyguard appeals the guilty verdict he got in his own trial, which would then enable him to freely testify on Brown's behalf.

Brown confirmed his release from jail on Twitter Monday morning with a simple post that Team Breezy quickly turned into a viral message trending on the website. His fans were mourning on his behalf when it was reported that Chris Brown would be spending his birthday in jail this year and they were just as quick to celebrate on his behalf as well.

There's no news yet on why exactly Brown was released with only 23 days left to go on his jail time, but that doesn't seem to matter much to Team Breezy. Reactions range from the insanely excited...

...to the demanding...

...to the practical.

Brown might be "humbled and blessed" by his release, but only time will tell whether that attitude will extend to an improve in his behavior. Chris Brown is a one step forward, two steps back kind of artist who always seems to prove the negative opinion of him correct just when it might have faded. Now that he's been released for violating his probation in the Rihanna case, his legal troubles could end with a favorable verdict in the D.C. assault trial.

Whether or not Chris Brown really can get it together is hard to speculate on, but at least he didn't join Justin Bieber on the list of most hated men in America. At least, not yet.