Bieber Landed On a List Amongst Murderers

In what is perhaps the least surprising news that anyone ever saw fit to report, Justin Bieber makes the list of the most hated men in America. Considering there's a petition to have Bieber deported to Canada that got so many signatures the White House had to acknowledge it, it's pretty clear that America kept the receipts on this once child star and are determined to give him back to the store come hell or high water. However, the truly interesting part of this is not that Bieber managed to make the list at all, but what kind of company he's keeping on that list.

Justin Bieber ranked fifth on the list, between Conrad Murray/O.J. Simpson and Phil Spector. Conrad Murray is the physician that was charged with involuntary manslaughter in the case of Michael Jackson's death and Phil Spector is a record producer that was convicted of second-degree murder in 2003. O.J. Simpson is a retired football player more famous for his murder trial and numerous convictions including armed robbery and kidnapping. Going by percentages, that means that Justin Bieber is 2 percent less hated than O.J. Simpson and the guy who allegedly killed Michael Jackson and 3 percent more hated than a convicted murderer.

One might immediately think that it should take a lot more than simply being Justin Bieber to put you on a list of most hated men between three murderers, but one also can't deny that Bieber works overtime in order to earn his title. Over the last year alone, Bieber has usually made the headlines for negative actions more than he has positive ones. At this point, most people are giving up hope that he'll ever rehabilitate his image. So, how has Bieber earned his place as the fifth most hated man in America? Let me count the ways.


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What Happened: Justin Bieber was trying to play baseball like the upstanding young citizen that he is when a woman kept taking pictures of him incessantly. Not wanting pictures of him in the batting cages all over the web, Bieber tried to wrestle the woman's phone out of her hands and made her small child cry. A Sherman Oaks employee reported that Bieber hadn't touched the woman at all, which could have been the end of it, if Bieber hadn't retweeted a video of a fan harrassing a woman they blamed for the leak.

Hate Level: 5 for Cellphonegate, 7 for the retweet.


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What Happened: For some reason we suppose only makes sense to Justin Bieber, Bieber and his crew decided to drag race through the Miami streets. You know, because he's discreet enough to get away with it. When the police caught up with him, Bieber was arrested for underage drinking while drag racing — not to mention the evidence that there was also marijuana and prescription drugs in his system.

Hate Level: 10 for reckless endangerment.

Terrorizing South America

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What Happened: Apparently, it wasn't just America who was getting tired of the Biebs. During a trip to South America, Bieber made headlines for everything from vandalism to prostitution. Yes, that's right. Justin Bieber was rumored to have had hookers while he was there and was kicked out of his hotel after spray painting all over one of their walls.

Hate Level: 9 for the vandalism, 5 for the hookers. Or vice versa, depending.

The Verdict

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While those three events represent a broad enough range of the kind of antics that brought Justin Bieber to this point, they're far from a complete picture of everything that makes Bieber one of the most hated men in America. The fact that there are more examples that we could point to, some that are probably even worse than all of these three put together, make Bieber's inclusion on the list kind of a no-brainer.

Is he worse than the two murderers he eclipsed on the top ten list? Probably not. Do we have to hear about him a lot more often? Yes, we certainly do. Not to mention that mustache Bieber has been trying to grow back. That contributes to at least half of the hate right there.