Can You Slim Down Quickly By Cutting One Food?

Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It's bikini season again, and that means another year of bikini season anxieties. Somehow these always focus on how to lose weight in your stomach — you may be able to hide that pooch under clothing the rest of the year, but now it's either fix it, face horrifying Facebook pictures later, or resign yourself to the mom-like tankini. So if you could get rid of your tummy in just two weeks by eliminating only one food, would you try? It's not going to be easy though — that food is wheat.

The "Two-Week Tummy Shrinking Diet" promises to target tummy fat quickly if only you avoid wheat, while also "cutting your risk of breast cancer, arthritis, diabetes, dementia, heart disease and signs of premature aging." After all, our grandmothers — raised on meats and veggies — stayed slim and healthy through their lives (allegedly), while we have become victims of the low-fat, high-carb revolution. Getting started on the Two-Week Tummy Shrinking Diet is easy – just cut all wheat-based foods and reduce other carbs as much as possible, and drink water and a little red wine. You don't need to count calories, but you can expect to see a flatter stomach within the two-week period.

Assuming that the Two-Week Tummy Shrinking Diet does work for some people, why exactly is it effective? It's probably not because those individuals are actually gluten-sensitive, because groundbreaking new research indicates that "gluten sensitivity" isn't real: to the extent that people's health improves when they cut out wheat, the cause is really another ingredient in bread, but many other foods have it too. The diet's effectiveness also can't be related to its fear-mongering claims regarding genetically-modified wheat: although these "unnatural" technologies make people feel wary, genetically-modified foods are as safe as their conventionally-produced counterparts.

Although I haven't tried it, the Two-Week Tummy Shrinking Diet surely works just because it provides very simple guidelines for shifting away from processed foods towards whole foods, while its name keeps people's eye on the prize. You don't have to read books or articles filled with junk science to realize that your high-carb, low fruits and veggies diet is messing with your blood sugar and keeping you bloated and chubby. Stick to a minimally-processed, plant-based diet and you'll be looking and feeling better right away, no fads or gimmicks required.