You'll Get Addicted To This Instagram Trend

If you're all about traveling, and liberating your upper half (either separately or at the same time), there's a new Instagram trend you'll probably want to get in on. #TheToplessTour is the latest thing on the social media outlet, according to CNN, and it involves taking it off while on vacation.

OK, "taking it off" makes it sound a little titillating, but these photos are less than risque. Usually shot from behind — so no nipples, just backs — most posts feature women (and sometimes men) going topless in mind-blowing settings. With the intention of "uniting people across the globe to feel the freedom and share their beauty with the world," this project isn't just refreshing, but definitely worth participating in. (And who doesn't want to use the hashtag #TheToplessTour?)

The Topless Tour started in December, 2012 when Olivia Edginton, Lydia Buckler, and Ingvild Marstein Olsen, friends and classmates at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance in London, took a trip to Brumunddal, Norway (Olsen's hometown). While visiting, they decided to take a swim in the Lake Mjøsa... and document it. Olsen tells the Daily Mail, it was a spontaneous event, and how losing their “topless virginities” inspired the project in Instagram-account form.

From there, the trio began updating with similar photos from following trips, and called for others to send their similarly documented topless adventures. Now, the account has almost 20,000 followers and, according to The Daily Mail, features bare torsos in 28 countries.

"Some people are a bit apprehensive when we ask them to join the tour but when it's all over they say they absolutely love it.” Olsen tells The Daily Mail. “It's one of those moments where time just stands still. It is so addictive.”

The best part of The Topless Tour? The project promotes body positivity. Olsen explains for the Daily Mail the message they're trying to send, and that event their parents support (and participate in) #thetoplesstour:

"Everyone is very proud of the message, our parents think it's really refreshing for young women to be embracing who they are and love for their body. It is something we don't hear enough about these days."

On that note, perhaps these ladies should join forces with "nipple activist" Scout Willis and crusade for less harsh female nudity policies together!

Check out a few #thetoplesstour entries:

To participate, either hashtag your photo with #thetoplesstour or email Edginton, Buckler, and Olsen at! Happy travels!