Serena Williams Crashes A Wedding — Wearing A Leopard Print Swimsuit, Naturally

It's officially wedding season. As if the loads of photos clogging our Facebook timelines aren't enough of an indicator, even celebs are getting in on the madness. Kimye's Parisian rendezvous flooded our newsfeeds last week, Bill Murray made an impromptu speech at a stranger's bachelor party, and now this tennis star is shaking things up. Serena Williams crashed a wedding on the beach. While wearing a leopard print swimsuit.

As if the couple's special day wasn't already going to be one for the books, this celebrity sighting is sure to make their wedding go down in personal history. Williams was vacationing in Miami with her fellow tennis-playing pal, Caroline Wozniacki, when they stumbled upon the beachside wedding. Williams proceeded to pose with the wedding party, and even shared a photo of her with the guests of honor on her Instagram page.

A few Instagram commenters apparently didn't find Williams' actions so cute, however. Some felt that she was taking the spotlight away from the bride on her special day, while others found her actions sweet and celebratory. She's certainly not the only celebrity to crash a wedding, but she might be the only one to do it in a leopard print swimsuit. Either way, having Williams sign your guestbook would be pretty darn cool.

Image: @SerenaWilliams/Instagram