See Evicted 'Big Brother 15' Contestant Kaitlin Barnaby Try to Defend Her Racism

During Thursday night's eviction episode of Big Brother, ousted houseguest Kaitlin Barnaby was made well aware of her mean girl status outside of the house, thanks to host Julie Chen's exit interview that referenced her involvement in some of the season's biggest fights. But Chen failed to directly touch on Season 15's hot-topic issue: the racism running rampant throughout the Big Brother house.

Luckily, that's what TV journalists are for. Making the rounds to talk about her short stint on the series, Barnaby was forced to answer to racist statements lobbed by herself and two members of her alliance, Aaryn Gries and GinaMarie Zimmerman. And, unsurprisingly, Barnaby did everything possible to appear as the lesser of the three evils. As Barnaby said to The Hollywood Reporter :

But that's precisely the problem: The houseguest did say plenty of horrible things, both of the basic mean girl variety — teasing Jesse before the bedgate fight began — and of the racist variety. It would be easy to assume that Barnaby simply forgot that she racially stereotyped Candice on at least two occasions — referencing her "blackness" and taunting the houseguest with, "Let's see the black girl come out of you" — if she wasn't already asked about it by Entertainment Weekly .

Equating "black" with "nasty"? Still not so Minnesota nice, Kaitlin. And then there's her homophobic statement, when she said that gays were "untrustworthy in this game." Explained the houseguest to Entertainment Tonight:

But Barnaby is trying to reverse public opinion — though she stuck by both her very racist alliance inside of the house, the houseguest is now trying to maintain as much distance from Gries and Zimmerman as, well, Gries and Zimmerman do from logic. Just see her interview with Zap2it:

It would be easier to believe if we hadn't already watched Barnaby on that fateful hammock listening to Gries tell Asian-American houseguest Helen Kim to "go make some rice." That said, we can still cheer Barnaby for one thing: bringing attention the fact that Spencer Clawson — who has made derogatory remarks about women and homosexuals that have thus been ignored by CBS — is just as bad as the rest of them. As she continued in her interview with Zap2it:

Is there enough money in CBS's budget for one for all the houseguests?

Image: CBS