'I Wanna Marry Harry' is Having a Reality TV Pool Party, Where Nothing Good Ever Happens

Tuesday marks the third episode of I Wanna Marry Harry and the girls are having a pool party. Apparently for them that mostly means it's time to twerk with the "Prince of Wales." (Miley Cyrus must have just catapulted that into the pop culture sphere before these ladies left to film.) Would you believe Prince Harry was into poolside twerking? Actually, this particular plot line in the farce that is this show doesn't seem too out there. Real Prince Harry loves both pool parties and twerking. His infamous Las Vegas trip included a lot of waterside partying and Harry allegedly twerked at a recent wedding. This is a guy who likes to have a good time, so it's probably good that Matt Hicks AKA "Prince Harry" decided to get to know these women while they're in bikinis.

So far, the promo for the episode shows things are going to get a little wild. One woman gets a kiss in the hot tub, which makes another one nearly catatonic with envy. You know, typical reality pool party stuff. Seriously, there's something about cameras and pools that just brings out the worst in everyone. Here are just some of the ways a pool party can go wrong in a matter of minutes.



There's almost always a pool present on a Bachelor group date. Why? Because pools + people trying to find love + copious amounts of alcohol always = drama, drama, drama. The pool party that will go down in Bachelor history is the one where Victoria got really smashed last season and had a complete meltdown that culminated in her screaming "Juan Pablo, I hope he dies!" from the floor of a bathroom stall. It's hard to beat that when it comes to pool party drama.


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Any show with a title like Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel is sure to have a lot of questionable circumstances, but it was actually the pool parties that eventually got this reality show shut down. The premise of it was to follow the Hard Rock Hotel staff as they tried to keep the high profile pool partying under control. But they must not have done a good enough job because Hard Rock Cafe International sued the show for tarnishing the brand by showcasing “drunken debauchery, acts of vandalism, sexual harassment, violence and criminality.” The lawsuit eventually got the show's fourth season canceled.


The theme of one Real Housewives of Miami pool party was lingerie so of course that was going to start and end well. Sure enough two guests ended up getting in a fight. Words were exchanged, beverages were thrown, and ultimately what do you do with someone that you dislike at a pool party? Toss them in the water, obvs.


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MTV's Buckwild cast once decided a dump truck pool party would be a great idea. So they lined a truck bed with some plastic, filled 'er up, and then proceeded to jump off a roof into the DIY pool below. Did anyone get hurt? Not this time, but this was not the prime example of brains at work. But then again, neither was this whole show.


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Even if a reality show pool party doesn't end in a meltdown or fight, they still usually contain a fair amount of humiliating moments. Take Keeping Up With the Kardashians for example. Kris Jenner may have been laughing at the time she fell into the pool, but her family was pretty mortified and Scott Disick was giving her major stink-eye. The combo of too much alcohol, sun, and water doesn't end well for anyone.

Will tonight's episode of I Wanna Marry Harry have any of these pool party attributes? Something tells me it'll try.


Image: Fox