Steven Tyler Attempts to Leave Miley Cyrus a Note at Her Hotel Room & Is A Tad Creepy — VIDEO

Hey, Steven Tyler, what in the actual hell is going on in the video you posted to both your Facebook and Twitter over the weekend? And no, we just don't mean why you insist on looking like Johnny Depp if he were to take on the role of Lydia Deetz in Beetlejuice. (Though, an explanation for that would be fine, too.) No, we're also curious as to why Steven Tyler left a note on Miley Cyrus's door at her hotel room in Helsinki, Finland while you were on tour. And to videotape the whole ordeal. All while doing a bizarre imitation of Elmer Fudd. There are so many questions, and so few answers.

A few more of those questions include, "What and why exactly is Steven Tyler writing in a note to Miley Cyrus?" Better yet, do we even want to know? (When you pause the video as the Aerosmith lead singer holds up the note, the beginning of it looks to read, "Tried to break into your room, got arrested.") But hey, whatever the context of the letter was or whatever reason Steven Tyler had such a hard time finding a spot in her door to leave it, Miley seemed to get a kick out of their note-passing escapade in Finland. In fact, the pop star retweeted Tyler's "room service" message:

As strange as this entire incident is (and as hilarious it is to watch Steven Tyler desperately try to leave a note for Miley Cyrus), at least it shows the kids that in our day, you couldn't just leave a text message. You actually did have to leave notes. Hopefully just a little bit cooler than this though.