Rob Kardashian's Trainer Promises He's Getting Healthy, So We Can All Rest Easy Now

Rob Kardashian seems to be doing just fine in the wake of the Kimye wedding. By all reports, Kardashian had recommitted himself to an exercise routine and seemed to be doing a complete overhaul of his life that included Kardashian deleting all of his previous tweets and starting fresh. Although we worried that Kardashian might be exercising for the wrong reasons, we can finally put that doubt to rest. Rob Kardashian's trainer spoke with E! News about Kardashian's progress and health and things appear to be going great.

"Here's a guy fighting paparazzi getting in and out of the gym. This guy is fighting through human walls, to get to the gym. A lot of people have blown off workouts with a lot less obstacles," said trainer Gunnar Peterson. "Rob is such a solid guy, when he gets in here. I don't care if he weighs 50, 100 or 200 pounds. He works like an athlete. He never tries to beg out of a set. He never tries to hop off the cardio a minute or two before. He goes the distance every time."

That level of dedication has assured Peterson that Kardashian is going to get back to his "best shape ever", and the use of that particular phrasing does more to prove that Kardashian is doing this for no one but himself than anything else. Peterson doesn't say that is going to lose all of his weight and he doesn't say that Kardashian is going to look exactly the way he did before the fat shaming incident. Instead, he says that Kardashian will return to his "best shape ever", which could mean absolutely anything. The implication there is that Kardashian will be healthy rather than just thin and that's what really matters here.

With the negative reaction to Kardashian's new size after the pictures emerged of him at LAX and the rumors that swirled that he dropped out of Kim Kardashian's wedding because he didn't want to appear in the wedding photos, Rob Kardashian has been fighting an uphill battle to be taken seriously again. According to his trainer, Kardashian has the devotion and the confidence required to overcome the opposition and that's an inspiring story.