Rihanna's CFDA Dress Was Completely See-Through And She Looked Amazing

In one of her least shocking moves, Rihanna showed up at the CFDA awards Monday night looking glamorously naked. Dripping in rose gold crystals, over-the-elbow gloves, a pink fur wrap made (presumably) from The Energizer Bunny, and a coordinating headwrap, RiRi gave a big metaphorical middle finger to everyone who's ever banned her for nudity by showing off her nipples on an incredibly fancy red carpet. So suck on that, Instagram.

Designed by Adam Selman, the gown is an incredibly accurate representation of a summary of Rihanna's whole style sense. It's got high-class glamour (there are over 216,000 Swarovski crystals on the thing), is positively oozing in sex appeal (again, she's about as naked as you could be on the red carpet), and has everyone talking this morning. The dress further solidifies the fact that Ri thoroughly deserved to win the CFDA's Fashion Icon Award — I could see confused Googlers of the future stumbling upon this sheer number and mistaking the unapologetic singer for an especially risqué flapper from the '20s. Maybe.

In case you haven't gotten your fix of the sparkling, rose colored ensemble yet, check out the stunning gown from every single angle in the shots below. Rihanna, we bow to your fashion prowess.