'The Fault in Our Stars' Ansel Elgort Can Tap Dance, Like You Needed Another Reason to Love Him — VIDEO

Someone needs to stop Ansel Elgort. He's gone from a relatively unknown actor to being on the cusp of super stardom thanks to his role as Augustus Waters in the highly-anticipated film The Fault in Our Stars . Suddenly, everyone can't get enough of Ansel Elgort — and he kind of totally deserves it. Elgort isn't just a great actor, with roles in Divergent, Carrie, and now The Fault in Our Stars under his belt, but he's also a model, a DJ, and... a dancer? No, we're not talking about the fact that Elgort auditioned for the School of American Ballet. Nor are we talking about Elgort break dancing again on The Today Show on Monday. As it turns out, Ansel Elgort can tap dance like nobody's business. Are you in love with him yet?

Elgort displayed this skill during his interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show as part of his promotional circuit for The Fault in Our Stars. Fallon even showed off another one of those endearing facts about Elgort: that he takes at least one picture of himself standing next to each of his movie posters. One would think that would make him arrogant as hell, but Elgort explains that he enjoys doing it because he used to pass by posters like these when he took the subway to and from school growing up in New York. Anyone who says they wouldn't take a selfie next to their movie poster if they had a movie poster is a total liar.

Fallon and Elgort soon moved on to Elgort's amazing dancing skills, which he has really been displaying lately. We haven't tricked him into showing us any of the ballet moves he's been hanging on to since he was nine years old, but Elgort's public dancing precedence began on Broadway and continued into the present day with his utter willingness to show off the few break dancing skills he's acquired over the years.

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Now he can add tap dancing to that repertoire because, despite how hard Fallon worked to show Elgort up, it was a lot more impressive when Elgort did it. He's not going to be starring in any chorus lines any time soon — oh please let him star in a chorus line some time soon — but he knows enough about tap to put on a pretty impressive if depressingly short show. If the whole acting thing doesn't work out for him, it's good to know that Elgort still has DJing as Ansolo (yes, like Han Solo) and a lucrative dancing career to fall back on. Seriously, are you in love with him yet?

Watch the video below.